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fun find: yoga cookies March 25, 2009

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Yoga cookies
Having missed Bikram class for 5 days now, I am completely grumpy. But these yoga cookies just melted the cold, cold heart of this grumpy yogi.  How fun are these? I wish I had a yoga-obsessed friend to send these cookies too. You can order them through the Baked Ideas website, and it costs $35 for a box of 10. In New York, they offer messenger delivery service. Outside NY, they offer a couple of different shipping options. The cookies come in chocolate, honey whole wheat, original gingerbread and vegan gingerbread.


so much for eating healthy March 19, 2009

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Aaaaaaand the brown-rice-eating-health-nut falls off the pedestal she’s created for herself out of tofu, brocolli, and couscous. Just yesterday I was patting myself on the back for craving only salads and brown rice. Today, three hours after a hearty lunch of super creamy and super chunky New England Clam Chowder, I start craving for pizza. So I ran down to the deli, got a greasy slice of cheese pizza, and proceed to devour the entire slice in minutes. How the mighty have fallen. I did daintily dab at the grease spots with a napkin, at least.

Cheese Pizza

Is it a bad sign though if I have and then give in to bad cravings? One of the Bikram teachers told me that we should listen to our body and what it’s craving because you’re craving it for a reason. Was my body in severe need of grease and manufactured cheese, I wonder?

Bah, I don’t care. It was GOOOOD. And I’m going to sweat out calories tonight anyway, so there.


enter brown rice March 18, 2009

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Brown Rice

” … and a cup of brown rice for me, please.”

Whoa. Who are you and what have you done to Celine, I wondered, when I heard those words come out of my mouth. When did start I voluntarily ordering brown rice? The last time I tried to replace white rice with brown was in 2006, when I first arrived in New York and was deathly afraid of gaining 20 pounds the way I did when I moved to Germany. It never worked. After 10 months, the small bag of brown rice was almost still fully intact and so I gave up the idea.

Six sessions into Bikram yoga, however, and I am suddenly craving for nutty brown rice rather than the sweet white jasmine rice I’ve grown up eating. Brown rice and white rice have similar amounts of calories, carbohydrates and proteins, so one isn’t necessarily less fattening than the other per se. What I find though is that the taste of white rice stimulates my appetite making me eat more, while brown rice brings about a feeling of satisfaction faster and results in my eating a bit less than usual. As a bonus: brown rice retains more vitamins and minerals than white rice because it is processed less, so in terms of nutritional value it’s definitely a better choice.

I’ve read on several websites that Bikram has the effect of eliminating unhealthy cravings, and it has been quite true for me. I’ve been craving salads and whole grains all week, and have actually been rather reluctant to imbibe alcohol. Who knew there was a brown-rice-eating-health-nut lurking in me?


Quench my thirst March 16, 2009

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ZicoNothing better than coconut water after a workout. It tastes so fresh, so pure. You know that the nutrients in your body are getting replenished in the most natural way. Zico comes in different flavors like mango and passion fruit but being the gal from the tropics that I am, I prefer the natural flavor.

My only qualm with Zico is that one small serving of it costs $2. I tried to check if I could get it cheap and in bulk from Fresh Direct but nein. Do they sell this at Costco? Cos if they do, I’m so hauling ass over there!