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The 30-Day Challenge March 23, 2009

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Image by love pad via Flickr

While I was checking out the website of another NYC Bikram spot, Bikram Yoga Lower East Side, the newbie stumbled upon the concept of the 30-Day Challenge. I assume it’s been around for ages since googling bikram yoga “30-day challenge” brings up over 2,500 relevant hits. But being the still-looking-for-a-clue newbie that I am, it was an amazing discovery.

So the deal is that you have to do a Bikram Yoga class every day for 30 days STRAIGHT. No skipping because you have a hangover/insomnia/friends visiting/sudden urge for a weekend getaway. Nada. In exchange for putting yourself through this special variety of hell (I kid, I’m sure it’s heavenly to the avid Bikram yogi), various yoga studios give you different incentives.

In New York, the best 30-day challenge deal seems to be at Bikram Yoga Lower East Side. To participate, you have to cough up $175 for the 30-Day Challenge Package BUT should you successfully complete it, you will be rewarded with a FREE 30-day unlimited card! Very sweet deal, I think.

The only other place I found in Manhattan with the 30-day challenge is Bikram Yoga NYC. To participate, you need to have one of the unlimited passes (a 1-month unlimited pass is $180, 3 months unlimited is $500 and 1-year unlimited is $1,525). The rewards aren’t as great here but they do stack up a bunch of little ones. You get 1 week of free yoga, 2 guest passes, a 30-day challenge t-shirt, 10% discount on merchandise, $15 off a massage at the 8th Avenue studio, and bragging rights: your name goes on the website and on a board at the studio.

Frankly, I would love the LES deal but it’s extremely inconvenient for me to go there every single day because I live on the Upper East Side. If I do this at all, it would have to be with Bikram Yoga NTC. Heck why not? I’d like to do the challenge to improve my own practice and give myself a little ego boost. The freebies are just icing on the cake.

Will I be able to do this next month? Will keep you posted!