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day 13: moment of ick March 29, 2009

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The question people ask me the most when I tell them I’ve been doing Bikram Yoga is, “Is it smelly?” They can’t believe it when I say it’s actually not. For the most part I find that being in a Bikram studio smells like being in a steam room. On the rare occasion, I’ve caught the odd body odor smell but it never in an overwhelming manner.

That said, today I had a huge ICK moment in class. At the beginning of class, I remember being surprised that the part of my towel that I was standing on started getting damp. I hadn’t even started sweating heavily yet, and my feet aren’t normally sweaty. As we were doing the half moon pose, I realized that the carpet must be wet and the wetness was soaking through my mat and the towel! When I did the forward bend and grabbed my heels with my fingers, I caught a whiff of a scent and my worst fears were confirmed. The carpet was soaked in sweat and it was coming up through to by towel! I know what my sweat smells like and this wasn’t mine. It smelled like a man’s sweat! Eeeeew. I was disgusted beyond belief.

“Don’t think of it as sweat babe, it’s just water,” my man attempted to console me. Somehow I managed to get through the class and do quite well despite the yucky distraction. Next time I am totally checking my spot for wetness, and I’m gonna get a move on ordering my own mat.


no sleep = no Bikram March 24, 2009

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I have gone to bed at 5AM and woken up at 8:30AM for the last two days and I am so tired that I feel like crying. It’s frustrating me more that I can’t drag myself to Bikram because I’d probably collapse in a heap during the awkward pose. Counting the minutes til I can crawl into bed and pass out …