The Bikram Diaries

Searching for bliss through 105° of heat

day 17: random acts of kindness April 8, 2009

I remember talking to my sweetie once about how people in Bikram class seem to be SO NICE. The locker rooms can get horribly crowded but everyone seems to be polite and patient amidst the chaos.

Today I wasn’t one of those terribly nice and patient people. I’m PMS-ing so I’m just not the nicest person to be around, period (no pun intended). My crankiness extended into class because I had skipped four days and felt like I’d regained flab and lost flexibility. I was cranky up until my head hit the towel for final savasana. I trudged out of the room and lined up to take a shower with a cloud of gloom over my head.

Then suddenly the girl in front of me turns and asks, “Do you need a bag?” I was so surprised by the question that it took me a few seconds to answer yes. When she went to grab a plastic bag for her wet clothes, she took an extra one and handed it to me. Such a simple gesture but it lifted my mood considerably. Why hasn’t it ever occurred to me to do that? Definitely have to start.

In other acts of kindness news, I paid up for the special one-year offer at Bikram Yoga Union Square which cuts down the price of unlimited yoga with towels and free mat storage to less than $80 a month (normally approximately $133). My entire year of Bikram is courtesy of my sweetheart/Sugar Daddy. So sweet! In related Sugar Daddy news, Monkey was also gifted with one year of Bikram by her darling Buddha. Gotta love these guys! Hey, I think it’s a win-win situation. They cough up the moolah and they get a girlfriend who’s hot, perpetually happy from the endorphins, and grateful all year long. If I had the money (and um, if I were a guy?) I’d pony up the cash too!


happy bikram birthday & day 16 April 3, 2009

blowing-candlesImage from Conde Nast Archive/CORBIS via Foxtongue’s photostream

Otto Cedeno, owner of Bikram Yoga Union Square, is celebrating his birthday this month with a bang—literally. On April 9 at 8PM, BYUS is having Otto’s annual Birthday Drum Class, where yogis and yoginis get to do Bikram to the beat of Afro-Cuban drums. Food and wine will be served after class.

Quite possibly more fun than the idea of a birthday drum class are the great discounted rates they are providing as part of Otto’s birthday celebration. If you have the cash (I mean this literally because the deal is only if you’re paying with cash and not plastic), you can get an entire year of unlimited yoga with towels and mat storage included for just $939. That is an AMAZING discount because it means you’re just paying about $79 per month! I don’t see any studios beating that sick deal. If you’re paying with a credit card, you can get the same deal for $1,257, which is not as impressive at $104.75/month but still great nevertheless. If you’re not liquid nor willing to go into debt, there’s an annual debit monthly special too for $140/month that includes free towels and mat storage. Still $26.50 in savings per month.

My sweetheart, who can hereafter be dubbed Sugar Daddy (he said it, not me!), offered to help fund my yoga habit as my birthday gift! Sweet. I love birthdays.

On my Day 16 of Bikram: I landed a front row, center spot today where hot air was blowing at me from the heater above for most of the class. I handled it quite well, I thought. I had a pretty strong class and I wasn’t overwhelmed by the heat. It’s a sign, I guess, that I have to start weaning myself away from the spots by the window. Time to grow up yogini!