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Day 22: There’s always a party pooper April 20, 2009

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Class today was a BIG improvement over my terrible class last Saturday. I was a lot more focused and thankfully did not feel overwhelmed with the heat.

I noticed something about my practice though. I noticed that the poses that I do well (and not-so-well) seem to keep changing. I used to do the standing head-to-knee pose terribly and today I held my balance. I thought that I meant I was improving, but then I get to standing bow pulling pose and I’m all over the place. I am usually am pretty good at that pose so I was so confused why I couldn’t hold it today. Same thing with the awkward pose; hadn’t had problems with it since my first Bikram class (which was a disaster) but today it seemed near impossible to sit in the chair with my heels up. But fast forward to toe stand and huh? I’m balancing, just like that? What is this?

Logically, it would seem that once I got a pose down, I should always get it right, yeah? It should be that my muscle memory finally got it, that I’d strengthened the muscles needed to nail it. But I guess there’s a lot more to the practice than that. Much to learn newbie yogi, much to learn …


3 Responses to “Day 22: There’s always a party pooper”

  1. JA Write Says:

    I am loving your blog. I have been practicing Bikram for 4 years and the phenomenon that you illustrate is exactly why those 26 postures x 2 in every class will never get boring (as non-Bikram yogis assume). I am amazed by what my mind/body will do… or won’t do on any particular day, for any reason. I count it all a part of the journey. Enjoy the ride!

  2. L Says:

    i’m sending you such a big hug right now! 🙂 welcome to yoga, baby! perhaps consider what the emotional correlation is with each posture?

    also, each day, each moment, something new…the eternal “now” what happened yesterday is gone, today is completely fresh. every day you walk out of that room with a new body, you’ve rebuilt yourself, every gland, tissue, organ, muscle, has been worked from the inside out.

  3. bikramdiaries Says:

    Thank you for the wonderful comments! So great to hear from fellow Bikram lovers.

    JA Write – thank you, thank you … so glad to hear others feel the same way. It can be frustrating but it’s good to see it from your point of view, that this is precisely what makes Bikram such a wonderful practice. Thanks for reading!

    L – awww big hug to you too! Would you mind explaining more what you meant with emotional correlation with each posture? I’m such a newbie, that’s something I definitely haven’t thought of! I love the idea of rebuilding myself each time. Your comment totally makes me want to strip down, grab a mat and run to a hot room immediately!

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